Solução – The Rings of Kether

The Rings of Kether Solution
By Carrot

This is the most direct route to completing this adventure. In some cases, with some experimentation, you may find a alternative route to achieve the same objectives at a slightly lower cost.

Note – There are two ways to complete this adventure; by capturing ‘Blaster’ Babbet or blowing up the smugglers’ asteroid base. If you want to capture Babbet, follow the normal references coloured yellow. If you want to blow up the asteroid base, you’ll have make a small detour by following the references coloured light blue, when they appear.

1 – You drop out of lightspeed, arriving in the Kether System.

333 – Head for the main Spaceport on Kether.

299 – Conduct some ‘discreet’ enquiries.

30 – Ask the Barmaid about underworld contacts at the bar.

323 – Stump up the required cash for the tip.

343 – Check out your tip; the fat, middle-aged woman playing cards at the table.

304 – Invite yourself to a game of cards with them. Zera Gross Orders her men to beat you up!

80 – Check out the City Central Library.

41 – Look up anything on Organised Crime.

256 – Check out the address of Zera Gross’ friend; B.Babbet.

217 – You arrive at a derelict warehouse.

188 – Check around the outside of the warehouse first.

3 – Check out the door on the right.

315 – Go to the ‘Cafe Heroes’ to investigate the meeting between Clive and Arthur.

276 – Nobody shows up! Try to find Clive Torus’ address.

198 – Tell Clive’s wife you’re a Narcotics Investigator.

120 – Ask to look through his personal papers.

44 – Agree to meet Mrs Torus when she gets the documents from the bank.

376 – Meet her. A sniper opens fire!

191 – Chase the Sloop.

113 – Flag down a passing vehicle.

202 – No, you didn’t stop to shoot at the Sloop!

163 – Slow down!

115 – Go Faster!

76 – Don’t try to push the Sloop off the road.

310 – Draw level with the Sloop.

291 – Shoot at them!

37 – You fall back (this way you don’t have to make a skill roll).

135 – Ram them! They crash their vehicle!

359 – Pull over and stop. Check out the documents they tried to steal.

330 – Hire a Helijet. Fly out to the smugglers’ island base.

311 – Check out the ordinary entrance.

272 – The password to get past the sentry robot is ‘WRENCH’.

77 – The sentry lets you pass.

379 – Take the side passage.

340 – Get the key (this is important), go back down the corridor (now go to reference 253, the sixth reference below this one).

281 – Investigate the Antigrav Dray.

292 – Drive it through the freight door!

28 – Have a look around the freight hold.

350 – Search the dead guy in the corner. You find 4 PEP pills!

389 – Leave the freight hold.

253 – Go down corridor.

214 – Answer the chrome robot’s riddle; ‘A’ for the star Antares (you can blast it if you’re bored!

58 – You arrive at a T-junction.

360 – Go down the left passage. You come to Zera Gross’ office.

282 – This is your chance to get your own back! Fight with Zera, hand-to-hand (don’t blast her! You need her alive).

243 – Once you’ve beaten her senseless, she mumbles a combination: ‘up then left’.

126 – You investigate the main control room, learning the location of the smugglers’ asteroid base!

87 – In space, blast your way through the minefield.

312 – Tackle the asteroid’s defences (Use any Smart missiles you have. You won’t get another chance to use them).

273 – Dock at the emergency airlock.

195 – Go down the corridor, meeting the flying sentry.

78 – Blast it!

263 – The flying sentry explodes! Move on.

185 – You reach a crossroads. Straight ahead.

293 – You enter a room with metallic spheres and alien creatures.

137 – Jump from one sphere to the next.

59 – First sphere!

361 – Second sphere!

244 – Third sphere!

283 – You come to a chemical lab which you destroy.

205 – Go down corridor, take a sample of Satophil-d (not for personal use).

166 – Go back to the chemical lab. Go through the door.

127 – Throw the Satophil-d tablets into the alien guardian’s mouth. He promptly dies and falls off the bridge.

49 – Cross the bridge. You reach a T-junction.

20 – Take the right corridor.

391 – You arrive at the reactor core! Use the key to set the core on overload, then escape to your ship. After you escape the smugglers’ asteroid base explodes! Well done, you’ve smashed the drug ring on Kether!

352 – Take the left corridor.

225 – You arrive at a cube-shaped room with doors.

313 – Using Zera Gross’ combination, press up.

186 – Move to the second cube-shaped room.

381 – Using Zera Gross’ combination, press left. You enter ‘Blaster’ Babbet’s room!

147 – Think of an alternative! Jump through the folding screen. Now you can fight Babbet hand-to-hand.

400 – You’ve defeated and captured Babbet! Well done, you’ve smashed the drug ring on Kether!

Hints & Tips
In terms of opponent strength, this book is quite easy, compared to some other Fighting Fantasy books. If you’re prudent, you can get away with barely fighting anything, apart from the laser battle with the smugglers’ asteroid defences! The only serious fights you deal with in the whole book is the hand-to-hand fight with Zera Gross in her office and the end punch up with ‘Blaster’ Babbet on the asteroid. If you choose to blow the asteroid up, you don’t even have to tackle these two! My tip is this: if you’re the sort of player who gets bored quickly, don’t spend your time conserving your stamina, blast anything that moves. Your opponents won’t be especially challenging (unless you make REALLY crap initial rolls for skill and stamina) and PEP pills makes healing much quicker.

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  1. Essas soluções poderiam ser disponibilizadas em português?

  2. olá. será que era possível deixares a solução para os livros “mares de sangue”, fantasmas do medo” e “ladrão da meia noite”? obrigado.

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