Solução – Temple of Terror

Temple of Terror Solution
By Jeff Poteralski

102 Follow the old man
332 Robbers! but you get a telescope and 3 silver buttons for your trouble

379  Kill the pirate for a pearl and some gold
230  Answer “Gillibran”
327  Needle Flies
168  Key in pouch
10   Merchant (trade for water)
257  Sandstorm! (try to find the handbell in the sand)
303  Nomad (buy the onyx egg, the bracelet of mermaid scales, and the crystal key)

389  Giant Sandworm (if you’re still alive after this, you’re one heck of a dice roller) Don’t forget to take a tooth!

72  Avoid the oasis
164  You’re at the city gates! Now, either jump over the wall, open the door, or fight the serpent guard
111  Good helemet
140  The Messenger of Death
330  Pull them drapes
365  Kill the centipede and cut down the bucket…why, you’ve found the Bone Dragon!

46  Jump the pit
152 Use the onyx egg on the Eye Stinger
340 Ignore the grill
175 Kill the lizard man and take his iron key
329 Trade the gnome the telescope for the Crystal Dragon

262 Waste the mighty rat men
333 Kill the skeleton warriors and earn a shield
310 Open that door with the iron key!
88  Take the goblet (although you really don’t need it)
339 Fireflies!
38  Steer to the right of the idol
74  Use your bracelet of mermaid scales against the tentacled thing

347 There’s a Silver Dragon in that alcove!
59  Use a silver button on the phantom
40  Steal a tapestry
263 Have a seat (if you feel lucky)
202 Bathe your wounds here!
161 Chat with Murkegg after complimenting his work
98  Answer “300” for a good surprise
298 Ignore the slot
268 My, its dark
79  A night horror! use that handbell you found in the sand and steal his wand

178 Use that wonderful crystal key
2   Check out that carving, there’s an Ebony Dragon in there

93   Lie to the Dark Disciples
341  Battle the Swords
191 (the golden rain takes away your ability to cast spells, so don’t waste your strength)

354  Fight the slave guard, sleep, then hide!
273  Grab the copper ring from the white pot
307  The only thing worth it is the statuette (and you don’t even need it to win)

358  Enjoy some grapes
237  Waste the skeleton man
119  Kill the servant, then whip out your…..Sandworm tooth.  Run after her though, and ignore the chest

137  But stop long enough to find the final Dragon artifact (the Gold one) in the dog
47   Stop and talk to the Dwarf, for God’s sake…he looks like hell, and he went through it just for the opportunity to try to get to talk to you!  The war-hammer is necessary to win.

314  Smash the Bone Dragon first
288  Hopefully you’ve got that copper ring
380  Fight Malbordus
400  Ta-Dah! (But I agree with Carrot- why don’t you take over Allansia for yourself?)

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