Solução – Talisman of Death

Solution #1 by Tristan Taylor
Solution #2 by Jeff Poteralski
Solution #3 by Greg Galon

Solution #1

Introduction: Talisman of Death thrusts you into the intriguing world of Orb, the brainchild of authors Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson. These experienced gamebook authors (whose repertoire include the Way of the Tiger and Duelmaster series) have incorporated the Fighting Fantasy gaming system into their intricate world, and the result is Talisman of Death. This adventure throws you, a humble Earthling, into a divine mission in the fabulous world of Orb. Your task: to guard the Talisman of Death, and destroy it before the minions of the dark god seize it for their evil purposes, preferably by taking it back to Earth. There are several paths within the book, but this solution provides you with the most direct path. If you wish to learn more about the wonderful city of Greyguilds-on-the- moor, the ‘red herring’ paths, not indicated in this solution, provide a wealth of knowledge, although a pointless waste of time if success is your only goal.

Like in every good solution, I assume that you win every fight, successful when testing your luck or skill etc.

1: You start the adventure by being transported from the tranquil Garden of the Gods into a huge vaulted chamber, deep underground.

30: You hold your ground and draw your sword.

13: A group of four humans approach you.

247: No point in lying (especially when a loaded crossbow is being pointed at  you), you tell the group you have come from another world.

100: The group are the survivors of a mission sent to steal the Talisman of Death from the Rift, the dark chasm which you are presently located. It appears as if you must relieve them of their burden. You receive 10 gold pieces and the Talisman of Death.

125: Oh no! A horde of Dark Elves and Cave Trolls burst into the cavern and attack the Crusaders. Luckily, the wizard finishes his spell.

185: Having exited the Rift, you head west towards Greyguilds.

256: By going through the forest, you encounter a SHE-WOLF.

52: Not wishing to create a scene, you give the SHE-WOLF and her two cubs a portion of your provisions. In return for your kindness, Wodeman, the Guardian Druid of the Sacred Grove, rewards you with a golden apple, which will restore 4 Stamina points when eaten.

159: You Test your Luck to sneak past a huge brown-scaled lizard.

267: You are successful, and avoid a nasty confrontation with the BASILISK.

270: An old woman is drowning in an algae-covered dew pond.

65: Leaving the old woman to her fate, you exit the forested hills. You are accosted by twenty warrior-women on horseback.

35: By making out some gestures, you give the warrior-women the impression that you are deaf and dumb. They decide to give you a lift to Greyguilds, where they form the Watch.

197: After hearing their qualms against the followers of the All-Mother, the Captain signals that they are under ambush.

224: Keeping up appearances, you do not flinch. The warrior-women drop you off in Greyguilds. You now look for a way home.

296: You wander around the streets of Greyguilds-on-the-moor.

357: Contuining your travels down Store Street, you encounter a woman.

198: Again, you tell the truth, and inform the lady that you did indeed cross the wilderness.

166: You tell the lady that you met Wodeman in the forest. The lady introduces herself as Lillantha, a priestess of the All-Mother.

117: After praying to the All-Mother, Lillantha presents you with a suit of magical chainmail armour (+1 skill). Lillantha tells you about the movements of the All-Mother in the city, before you continue down Store Street.

130: The undead envoy of Death encounters you and asks for the Talisman.

271: Not giving in without a fight, you attack the ENVOY OF DEATH.

254: After defeating the envoy, you leave Store Street and enter Booker’s Walk.

346: You enter the largest library in the Manmarch.

336: Whilst reading a book on the Gods of Orb, you find a reference to the Talisman.

186: You stumble into a hidden man-trap after leaving the library (-2 stamina).

162: You are forced to surrender the Talisman to the priesthood of Death, who in turn have it stripped by the Watch, the warrior women of Fell-Kyrinla.

128: A good Samaritan rescues you from the man-trap, and offers you his hospitality.

143: You sleep deeply (+4 stamina). Your host asks you about what happened.

98: You tell your whole story to Apothecus, a sage of history and your host.  Apothecus believes that Hawkana, high-priestess of Fell-Kyrinla, now holds the Talisman in her temple, and that you will need to enlist help from the Thieves Guild in order to get it back. He invites you to dinner, and gives you a jade rose, 5 gold pieces, and a ring that increases your skill at arms (+1 skill).

57: Apothecus directs you to the Red Dragon Inn, in the street of Seven Sins.

156: You ignore the quarelling men and enter the Inn.

3: Purchasing a drink of ale (-1 GP), you scan the Inn for possible thieves.

280: A motley group of six men present themselves as likely candidates, so you approach them.

246: After informing the thieves that you need help with some unfinished business, they tell you to meet them at the Thieves Guild, via the coal-hole  in Hornbeam Road.

169: Two newcomers enter the Inn, and you are informed that they are Tyutchev and Cassandra. The thieves leave you, whilst Cassandra sits down opposite you.

363: Tyutchev orders you to stay when you decide to leave the Inn.

374: Backing down, you return to your stool. Tyutchev and Cassandra interrogate you over your dealings.

386: Claiming that you came in only for a drink, Tyutchev scoffs at your reply.

289: You leave the Red Dragon Inn and live to tell the tale (+1 luck).

229: Whilst walking to the sage’s house, a small boy asks for you help.

216: Accepting the offer, you walk with the boy to the Guilds of Learning. Two scholars, Moreau and Polonius, offer you 20 Gold Pieces in the name of science.

182: The two scholars dabble in vivisection – the art of creating life. They have created a war-beast consisting of various parts from cockroach, crocodile and ogre. They want you to fight the beast for the 20 Gold Pieces.

189: You fight the VIVISECT.

176: After killing the VIVISECT, Moreau and Polonius are heart-broken. Red-faced at not having the promised 20 Gold Pieces, the scholars offer you a Scroll of Agonizing Doom.

273: You arrive at the sage’s house, and the manservant asks for you token.

6: Revealing the Jade Rose, you are allowed inside. Apothecus introduces you  to his friend and fellow sage, Diodorus, an expert on inter-dimensional travel. He believes that a portal on the summit of Mt Star-reach can transport you back to Earth. Apothecus tells you that you can leave Greyguilds via the cemetery. If you are in dire trouble, Apothecus tells you  that you can pray to the All-Mother. After dinner and a good nights sleep, you leave for the Thieves Guild.

64: You pass a magician with a gold ear-ring.

83: Not knowing about the storm drain…

149: …You find the coal-hole in Hornbeam Road. You arrive in the magnificantly furnished Thieves Guild.

209: You are brought before Vagrant, Guildmaster of Thieves.

276: After telling Vagrant that you need help to steal the Talisman of Death, he organises an expedtion.

241: Bloodheart and Jemmy the Rat ensure your entry into the temple of Fell-Kyrinla.

217: You silence the old man…

206: …with the pommel of your sword.

251: By knocking the dagger from his hand, you prevent the callous Lord Min from murdering the old man in cold blood.

283: However, the noise has raised the alarm.

180: When running down the stairs in front of you, you hear the tramp of feet. Time to Test your Luck.

140: Being successful, you continue through the temple, only to face a TEMPLE GUARD.

113: After defeating the guard within five attack rounds, you enter the Inner Sanctum to confront Hawkana, High Priestess of Fell-Kyrinla.

222: Hawkana prays to her Goddess for divine aid.

105: You are slightly caught by the heat of the blast (-3 stamina)

59: Time to use that Scroll of Agonizing Doom and attack HAWKANA.

44: After disposing of Hawkana you regain the Talisman of Death (+1 luck).

54: Will this lady never die?! Not until you remove her Ring of Regeneration  (+6 stamina).

16: You scramble to leave with the other thieves, and quickly evade the murderous thrust of Bloodheart’s dagger. Test your Skill.

163: Skillfully, you jump from the temple roof onto a nearby building. The thieves flee, leaving you to regain your breath.

235: You run into Tyutchev and Cassandra once again, with their friend Thaum  (the magician with the golden ear-ring), and his friend Harg.

141: Knowing that Thaum is a master of illusion, you calmly let Harg’s hammer hit you.

171: Thaum launches a fireball at you.

244: By running at Tyutchev, the fireball just sears your back (-3 stamina).

265: You fight TYUTCHEV.

301: After you hit Tyutchev, he turns invisible.

330: Better call on a God for aid.

248: By now you should have taken the hint of which God to call for.

375: Following Lillantha’s advice, you lie low until evening.

126: To kill time, you fight a DARK ELF.

249: The followers of the All-Mother let you leave the city (+1 luck).

8: You have a good nights sleep (+2 stamina).

287: Striking out south-east, you head for Mt Star-reach. You encounter a dark spectral figure, on a hellish steed.

207: You ward off the WRAITH by lighting a torch and standing your ground (+1 stamina).

154: You set off once more.

138: Readying yourself for the inevitable WRAITH attack, you inspect the Talisman.

46: You use the power of the Talisman to banish the Faceless Ones (+2 stamina).

20: You arrive at the base of Mt Star-reach.

328: Whilst climbing up the steps, several boulders plunge on you. Test your Skill.

308: The boulders hurtle past you.

192: A group of HOGMEN surround you.

151: You tell them you mean no harm…

133: …and offer them some dried meat to sweeten the deal. Pity it was salt pork you offered them.

365: You are bought before the Headhog, who demands to know what you are doing.

110: Telling the truth once again, you explain the reason which brings you to Mt Star-reach. The Headhog informs you that you will have to defeat a Dragon in order to reach your destination. He gives you a gourd of Gum of Amber Pine, in order for you to stick together three of the dragon’s scales, to shield you from it’s fiery breath (+2 stamina).

7: You enter the Dragon’s lair.

48: The narrow tunnel tacks you to the Dragon’s rear.

269: You pick up three of the Dragon’s scales.

310: The gourd of Gum of Amber Pine…

385: …allows you to fashion a shield from the scales.

69: You encounter the Dragon near the portal to Earth.

382: Wasting no time, you run to attack the Dragon. Test your Skill.

34: The shield protects you from the Dragon’s breath, and you dodge it’s claw.

10: You attack the RED DRAGON.

29: The Dragon materialises into an old man.

12: Not trusting the deceitful Dragon in any form, you finish him off.

400: You step through the portal and arrive back on Earth, successful!

Not an overly hard book to complete, but Hawkana and the Red Dragon prove to be worthy opponents. Funnily enough, last time I played the book (with characteristics Sk: 12, St: 22, Lk: 11) Hawkana almost defeated me, despite having a reduced stamina, whilst I seemingly easily disposed of the Dragon. Luck of the dice I guess! The storyline, whilst filled with detail, cannot endanger you in any specific way other than combat and unsuccessful luck / skill roles. There are plenty of opportunities to restore stamina and luck (not to mention your ample supply of provisions), so the only characteristic  to make sure is good is skill. Of course, the more the better!

Here are the characteristics of the enemies you face: (Sk, St)

Envoy of Death
8, 4

8, 12

Temple Guard
7, 8

12, 6

10, 12

Dark Elf
8, 8

Red Dragon
12, 20

As you can see, not much difficulty with the combats in this adventure, except for the aforementioned Hawkana / Red Dragon encounters.

Solution #2

1   What’s going on???
100 Tell them you’re from another world
125 Wow, you have the Talisman already; this is going to be a short story….

185 Head towards the open field
134 Yikes! Run like crazy
227 Keep running
203 Beat up the willow weird, and stick your hand in the water to get a good bonus

39  Wade across the river
331 Claim you are deaf and dumb to these rascals
197 Don’t duck! (remember, you’re deaf)
139 Duck in here if you’ve lost your sword
104 Minion of Death- not too strong
278 Help the jeweller fight off the bandits, and be rewarded with a ruby and some gold

346 Read about the history of the city in this library
186 Unfortunately, the Priesthood of Death is going to take the Talisman…temporarily

128 What a nice guy
143 He’s Apothecus, the only decent person in this book…tell him your whole story
57  Give that brass tiger back to the owner (you don’t want it)

156 The Red Dragon Inn…well, you’re going to have to talk to those thieves, so just get it over with

169 Cassandra and Tyutchev…don’t try to fight them now (they reappear later on)…introduce yourself, say you’re looking for thieves, then get out

229 Follow the boy
216 Fight the Vivisect, and gain a wonderful Spell of Agonizing Doom

6   Back at Apothecus’ house
83  The Thieves’ Guild
241 Ignore the old man
283 You’ve been spotted….Run!
180 Silence the temple guard
222 Hawkana…try to roll low
59  Use your scroll of Agonizing Doom
44  By George, you’ve got the Talisman back!
54  But before you go, go back to her and steal her ring

235 Ignore the first illusion, but brace yourself against the second

265 Cassandra and Tyutchev and Thaum, oh my!
301 You’d better pray to the All-Mother to save your butt

261 Be civil to the monk, he’s not worth the trouble
287 Light your torch
33  Check out the cave
103 Pillar says to go through the dragon door
339 And so you’d better
352 Take the spear, and waste the mummy
328 Try not to get hit by rocks
192 Hogmen! Give them a ruby for being so cool
122 Go back to their village with them
72  Meet the Headhog
110 He’ll give you the gum of amber pine and some useful information

48  Get some loose scales
385 And make yourself a shield
69  Attack the dragon with your spear and homemade shield

29  You’ve come too far to be fooled by this illusion…kill that old fart

400 What a feat!

Solution #3

This is a rather difficult book, in a way. There are many ways to die or to lose Stamina and Skill points. The artwork is well done in places but is rather blotchy in others.

But when you get down to it this is a good addition to your collection.

Greyguilds-on-the-moor is a strange city, but those of you who are familiar with Port Blacksand will immediately recognise the dangerous bars, mysterious sages and tricky thieves (not to mention those cults!) You can avoid most of them if you choose correctly.

Even if you know the correct path through this adventures, you will need good dice rolls to finish (especially Stamina). There are many battles to be fought along the way, which will undoubtedly wear down your Stamina. This solution attempts to minimize the number of these battles. Take advantage of areas where you can restore your Skill and Stamina scores.


Starting Items: a sword, leather armour, a backpack, 10 provisions, 5 torches. (What do you need the torches for?! I never needed them anyway). My suggestion is that you take the Potion of Skill; you need a way to replenish both your Skill and your Stamina, but you’ve got food for your Stamina.

In this solution, I’ve assumed that all battles are won and all Skill and  Luck tests have been passed. If you don’t want to play it that  way, you can still follow along in the walkthrough, but do realize that many failed Skill and Luck tests are likely to at least lose you some Stamina.

Now the solution…





100 +Talisman of Death




52 -1 provision but +1 Luck, +1 Golden Apple (+4 Stamina when eaten)










198 The man’s name was Wodeman

166 Go with the woman to the temple

117 +Magical Chainmail (+1 Skill); back to Store Street

130 Ooh, the Envoy of Death threatens you! Oh no, you’re doomed. Doomed I tells ya! *hero sobs uncontrollably, then regains control* Just hit the damned thing.

271 Hits from the Envoy of Death drain 1 Skill point and 2 Stamina points

254 Regain all Skill points but 1; go to the library

346 Either choice is good, but my choice is better than just “good”


186 You’re caught in a mantrap (ouch). -2 Stamina points

162 You lose the Talisman of Death and it’s taken to the temple of Fell-Kyrinla

128 You’re released from the trap

143 Your host is certainly a little strange, but there’s no reason to distrust him

98 get Ring of Skill (+1 Skill) and 5 GPs





119 Hm, intresting story about this Tyutchev guy. Didn’t you read about the god he followed, Anarchil (in reference 336)?

280 You’ve really got to watch what you say here, because one wrong word and they’ll give you a fatal passageway to get to the Thieves’ Guild.


169 Looks like this Tyuthchev guy has a follower (or maybe partner) by the name of Cassandra. She’s the sulky type.

374 Or maybe she’s the aggressive type. Your burden to decide.



289 +1 Luck point



182 Oh, what a beautiful… uh… whatever that THING is. This should be interesting


176 +Spell of Agonizing Doom


6 More info, and 4 Stamina points






241 Don’t take a chance, knock out the old man!



239 -1 Luck point; looks like everyone’s going to bail out on you

222 Roll 1-4; if you roll 5 or 6, you get more damage

105 -3 Stamina points

59 Use the Scroll of Agonizing Doom; apparently it makes Hawkana lose 8 Stamina points

44 You get the Talisman of Death back and 1 Luck point

54 You get the Ring of Regeneration and 6 Stamina points



235 Uh oh, looks like Tyutchev’s caught up with you. And he’s brought company!



244 -3 Stamina points


301 You need a miracle. Who do you turn to for miracles?

330 Of course! The All-Mother!



261 It’s better not to fight that guy




99 +1 Luck point

8 +2 Stamina points; that sage told you to go South-East, so off you go


207 +1 Stamina point


138 There’s a subtle clue here as to what to do, read carefully. I’m not going to tell you (unless you look at the answer below – D’oh!)

46 +2 Stamina






120 Any of the choices will give you a subtle hint – it’s up to you as to which door to open (unless you peek at the answer again – D’oh! again)




395 “Dragonsbane” spear – gain +1 Skill






133 -1 provision


110 +stoppered gourd with Gum of Amber Vine, +2 Stamina points



269 +3 Dragon scales


385 +anti-Dragon’s breath shield








Creatures You Must Battle to Get Back to Earth:

ENVOY OF DEATH Skill 8 Stamina 4

VIVISECT Skill 8 Stamina 12

TYUTCHEV Skill 10 Stamina 12 (Only one successful strike needed)

MUMMY  Skill 8 Stamina 10

RED DRAGON Skill 12 Stamina 20 (Until its Stamina is 5 or less)

Uma resposta

  1. Um dos meus livros preferidos. Não é dos mais difíceis, mas ainda assim é ótimo. E é o único que “tem a opção de continue”, deixando que você jogue novamente caso morra (nem todas as mortes permitem isso, porém).

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