Solução – Freeway Fighter

Freeway Fighter Solution

By Carrot

This is the most direct route to completing this adventure. In some cases, with some experimentation, you may find a alternative route to achieve the same objectives at a slightly lower cost. In addition to driving the petrol tanker from San Anglo to New Hope, this solution allows you to save the kidnapped New Hope council leader: Sinclair. All Skill and Luck rolls are assumed to be successful (some failures could result in being killed).

Note – After the Blitz Race (ref 111), it doesn’t say in the text that you get the credits you initially bet on the race back or not! If you do get it back, you can buy a supercharger, for your Dodge Interceptor, at Spark Plug Pete’s, which gives you an advantage in the race with the E-type jaguar (ref 351). This solution assumes that you don’t get the money back!

1 – You leave New Hope along the highway. You stop at a small town.
126 – Investigate the gunshot you heard!

274 – Tell him you’re from New Hope. Johnson warns you about Joe’s Garage.

34 – You drive on.

167 – Don’t talk to the woman! Drive on.

188 – Destroy the Red Chevvy. Stop to inspect it. You learn about Sinclair’s kidnapping on your radio!

341 – Leave the highway, drive east.

22 – Leave the Ambulance, drive east.

203 – Drive east.

372 – Shoot a rocket at the road-block!

95 – Race after the Bikers!

249 – Destroy the Motor-bike.

206 – Check the locked pannier on the crashed bike.

346 – Bag the hand-cuffs, map and the 200 credits. Head back to your Interceptor.

157 – Following the map, drive south to Rockville.

222 – You’re lucky! The bazooka misses!

53 – Drive after your attackers

78 – Chase them!

199 – Shoot a rocket at the farm house to kill them, it’s much safer!

262 – Investigate the cry for help you hear, it’s Sinclair, the council leader of New Hope!

112 – Check out the General Store. You find a full canister of petrol!

252 – Search the house.

185 – Open the left door. You find some wire-cutters!

246 – You leave the house.

353 – Drive south.

61 – Head east.

272 – Continue south.

323 – Empty the petrol canister you found into you tank.

276 – Sleep in your Interceptor for the night.

128 – After a quiet night, you drive on south.

165 – Release an Oil Spray!

234 – The armoured car skids off the road, crashing in a ditch!

47 – You accelerate away.

117 – Head west.

189 – Head south.

24 – Check out the rough side road.

300 – Talk to the tattooed man, drive through the gate.

240 – Bet your money. Challenge him to a Blitz Race.

3 – Start of the Blitz Race. You get a good start!

354 – He rams you! You’re lucky.

27 – Break hard! Let the Yellow Ford pass.

139 – Ram the Ford!

8 – You skilfully drive past the Ford.

340 – Accelerate away from your opponent.

318 – Use your Iron Spikes!

63 – You’re lucky! Your Iron Spikes give the Ford a slow puncture.

334 – Battle the Yellow Ford!

35 – Accelerate your Interceptor to the bridge.

379 – You keep your nerves.

20 – At the last minute, swerve to the left!

111 – You win the Blitz Race! You’re given a full canister of petrol!

156 – Your gang is called the ‘Black Rats’.

207 – Going back to the road, you head south once again.

88 – Give Spark Plug Pete the elbow, continue south.

271 – Keep driving south.

166 – Check the wrecked car for spares. You find a tyre!

253 – Have a look inside.

2 – Use a Med-Kit to heal the Snake bite. It was worth it to get the plastic tube!

13 – Drive south.

361 – Release an Oil Spray!

96 – You drive on.

180 – Empty the petrol canister you won in the Blitz Race into your tank.

243 – Drive south.

49 – Leave the abandoned Police car, drive south.

91 – Battle the Chariot! Drive on.

230 – Drive east.

15 – Talk to the mechanic about repairing your Dodge Interceptor.

169 – Pay him 200 credits, he repairs your Interceptor.

259 – Drive off east.

291 – Don’t pay up! Challenge him to a duel.

208 – You survive.

196 – Drive along the winding road.

351 – After the landslide, drive on.

358 – No Supercharger!

54 – You win! If you lose, you’ll have to fight them. If you have a rocket left, use it.

104 – Check the parked articulated truck.

306 – Use your plastic tube to siphon the petrol out.

118 – Drive on.

99 – Fill you tank with petrol.

21 – Carry out some repairs on your Dodge Interceptor. Use a Med-Kit to increase your strength (It’s important that you have at least 10 stamina points later).

221 – Head south. Pick up Amber.

7 – You’re lucky!

319 – You’re lucky (again)! Amber has some Energy Pills.

32 – You head off, towards the Doom Dogs’ camp.

76 – You’re lucky (yet again)! If you’re unlucky, knock the guard out.

198 – Crawl to the fence.

85 – Use your Wire-cutters.

107 – You should be strong enough to reach your Interceptor safely.

158 – You jump into your Dodge Interceptor.

67 – Battle with the Station Wagon!

200 – Dodge the Station Wagon’s ram, otherwise….

102 – Opt for the shoot out. Don’t fight the Animal.

154 – You kill the other gang members. The Animal gets angry and gives you a bear-hug (!?)

376 – Amber knocks the Animal unconscious with a spanner.

90 – Drive south with Amber. You reach San Anglo!

147 – Take command of the panicky San Angloians!

235 – You lucky!

40 – Run through the cross-fire.

81 – Quickly pull the thug from the Tanker cab. The Doom Dogs retreat. You leave San Anglo in the Petrol Tanker.

218 – Sleep in the Tanker cab all night.

52 – Machine-gun the Biker!

190 – Sit it out! Don’t opt for the duel, it’s too risky.

345 – You’re lucky! His crossbow bolt misses.

74 – You beat him in a hand-to-hand fight!

380 – You escaped being bitten by a rat. You’ve safely driven the Petrol Tanker back to New Hope, saving the New Hope council leader Sinclair along the way. Well done, your mission is a complete success!

Hints & Tips
In this adventure, fighting your opponents can be fairly risky. Even though you’ll start the adventure with a higher initial stamina score, everytime you get shot, you stand to lose 1 – 6 stamina points plus an additional stamina point permanently when you get shot more than once! It’s generally safer to let your Dodge Interceptor take as much punishment as possible, considering that you can get quite extensive repairs done to it before you reach San Anglo anyway.
Also, guard your Dodge Interceptor’s supply of rockets! In this solution, you only have to use two of the four you carry with you. It’s well worth keeping at least one back, just to protect you if you get into a tight corner.

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