Solução – Scorpion Swamp

Scorpion Swamp Solution
By Vic Stevenson

With so many different missions, well three, I felt that the easiest way to do a walkthrough for the much loathed Scorpion Swamp would be to do is to list the clearings, how each clearing can be solved, with special instruction pertaining to the wizard’s quest as it pertains to each clearing, and which clearings are accessed thorugh which directions. The number in the first bracket is the first paragraph in each clearing. Junctions are at the end of the list of clearings. There are no numbers given to junctions, so I used the paragraph #.

This is done in three parts. The first and third paragraphs only give the paragraph references (that involve the least level of risk), depending of which wizard you wish to serve.

Note: Numbers such as (8,12) give the Skill & Stamina of the opponent(s) you are fighting.


155 (+2 Initial Luck)
9 (Start quest)


156 (Fight Goblin Statue 7,6)
If unwounded in Goblin Statue fight – 241,206,9 (Gain +1 Skill sword)
If you lost 5 or less Stamina – 193,206,9
If you lost 6 or more Stamina – 225 (Fight Grimsdale 9,10),140, 335 or 27
If you lost 6 or more Stamina – 315 (Test luck successfully),51,5,273
(Test luck successfuly again),335 or 27

(If you lose 6 or more, you cannot serve Grimsdale)



01 (195) You either carefully step to another trail, or jump over the soft parts. Carefully involves testing your luck, while jumping involves a roll of the dice in relation to your stamina.

Equal or less than your stamina is successful, more than it involves a loss of one skill point.

East    – Clearing #12
West   – Clearing #4
South – Back into town


03 (47) An empty clearing

East    – Clearing #21
West   – Clearing #13
South – Clearing #26

04 (398) You meet the MASTER OF WOLVES. A pretty tough battle, if you fight it. The WOLVES are 7,5 and 6,6 respectively, but the MASTER’s Skill is 11, with a Stamina of 10. Winning the fight nets the Medallion only, which is helpful if you serve Grimsdale. Casting a Fear spell has you only fight the WOLVES, as the MASTER flees. You don’t get anything for defeating the two wolves only. A Curse spell knocks off two skill & stamina points from the MASTER prior to the battle, which sees you fight the WOLVES and the MASTER. Fire kills the WOLVES, but you fight the MASTER, who still has 11/10.
The last two options also result in the Medallion if you win. Cast Friendship, and you have an opportunity for a sneak attack. You lose 1 Luck point, and the MASTER loses 2 Stamina.

But, you can also accompany the MASTER into his cabin, and gain some advice about crossing the river, as well as word that can calm wolves if you are troubled by them.

North – Clearing #34
East     – Clearing #1

05 (10) There are signs of a battle here. You can search the clearing, and come across a pendant. I wouldn’t recommend taking it, since it attracts arrows when you reach clearing 26.

See Clearing #26 to see the results both ways. It can also be traded for a neutral spell gem in Willowbend.

06 (11) You encounter a DIRE BEAST here. Its skill is 9, and Stamina is 10.
You can’t flee from the creature. Casting Fear allows you to return from this dead end clearing, or fighting the creature (same stats as before).
Growth allows an escape, as you use the SWORD TREE seeds to allow an escape. Illusion also allows escape. Friendship doesn’t work. If you kill the beast, you can take its claws.

– only 1 exit, back to Clearing #18

07 (275) You see a GIANT. It is friendly, so you can aviod the fight. You can reason with him. Should you have the red cloak from the THIEF, he will let you pass, and also give some advice, depending on which wizard you serve. If not, he lets you pass, without advice. Magically, you can leave the clearing without trouble using curse or friendship, the latter of which gives you the same advice you could have received with the red cloak. Ice is ineffective, and fire reduces his attributes for a fight, since you set his beard ablaze (6,12). Fight him outright and his numbers are 9 & 12. I don’t advise killing the GIANT, since you lose 2 luck points when you return to the clearing and his wife finds the body.

North – Clearing #
South – Clearing #30
West   – Junction #121

08 (53) The MASTER of FROGS is here, with two GIANT FROGS protecting him. Should you need his medallion for Grimsdale, greet him and tell him you serve Grimsdale. Make up a story when he asks for the specifics of your quest. The highlight of the book is the next paragraph, a Deathtrap Dungeon reference! If you are lucky, you learn about the amulet. If unlucky, you are attacked by the GIANT FROGS while the MASTER escapes. After learning of the Amulets, use an Illusion spell to steal the Amulet. Should you serve Selator, you need to convince the MASTER to help you. Threatening is not recommended. Casting a friendship spell has him reveal the location of the plant (North, but not direct) and that the GIANT is friendly. If you want to bribe him, only the Violet Jewel is helpful. Should you serve Poomchukker, you learn that Willowbend is to the NW and that you should avoid the Will’o’the Wisp. If you return to this clearing, don’t eat the mushroom.

– only one exit, back to Clearing #26

09 (66) You enter this clearing and find a THIEF. Choosing to ignore him results in the loss of 3 Stamina points and all your magic items. You can sit down with him, but that gives him the chance for a free attack on you, which is successful should you not test your luck. Just attack him.

His Skill is 10, and 9 is his Stamina. You get his cheese and a red cape if you win.

North – Clearing #20
South – Clearing #5
East    – Clearing #13

10 (65) There are several options in the clearing, as you temporarily hide from a band of BRIGANDS. You can exit back to the clearing where you encountered the slime.

You can also charge out at them. If lucky, then they are sufficiently frightened to allow passage. If unlucky, you fight three of them (9,10. 8,8 & 8,11).

You can cast a spell on them from your hiding place. All 4 will allow safe passage, but Friendship will also net a bit of advice concerning Willowbend.

Should you elect to greet the BRIGANDS, the leader challenges you to a 1-hit fight. Refusal gets you into a fight with three of them (see above). The BRIGAND LEADER’s skill is 9.

Should you win, you get the same advice you would have if you used the friendship spell. Should you lose, you must give up an item of value. If all you have is the Brass Ring, the BRIGAND LEADER will return it to you.

Upon your return to the clearing, there will be two BRIGANDS there.
Depending on how friendly you were, you might have to fight them.
(8,10 & 8,11). If you have to fight them, the jar contains a healing mixture (+2 Stamina points)

North – Willowbend
East     – Clearing #28

11 (92) Some WOLVES are here. Should you have the Wolf Amulet, a fight would be avoided. Ditto if you know the secret word from the MASTER OF WOLVES to calm them.

Otherwise, you need to fight them. One you kill off the draw of your sword, the other (7,6). You search the clearing, and discover a bush. Should you be serving Selator, pick and save the berry.

You have found the Antherica berry! Otherwise, eat the berry and regain 2 Stamina and 1 Luck point.

– only one exit, back to clearing #7

12 (105) A stone and hollow tree are in this clearing. Investigate the tree to find a bear (7,8). You can rest on the stone first, and recover a single stamina point for the effort. The bear has nothing of value.

East     – Clearing #25
North – Clearing #17
West    – Clearing #1

13 (118) 13 isn’t very lucky for you, as dozens of small scorpions move in for an attack. Test your luck. Lucky, and you have time to formulate a plan.
If unlucky, then you roll a die and lose that many Stamina points. You the exit the clearing. If you have time to plan, don’t decide to fight them, since you get the same result as if you were unlucky in the original luck testing scenario. You can choose to leap over them, but you need to roll 2 dice. If lower than your Stamina, you escape. Higher? You lose 3 Stamina points. Fire allows an automatic escape.

Return, and you are automatically able to formulate a plan, since you are prepared for the attack.

North – Clearing #35
East     – Clearing #3
West    – Clearing #9

14 (304) Since you enter the clearing where you find the mistress of birds, it is unwise to attack the parrot. Take a page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook, and ask to meet its mistress.

After you meet the mistress, she asks who you serve. Should you serve either Poomchukker or Selator, she will summon an eagle that will carry you to Clearing #16.
If Grimsdale, all you need to do is ask for her amulet, and she will give you a replica of her amulet. You then exit to the south.

South – Clearing #23
Serve Sel. or Poom. – Clearing #16

15 (218) Don’t follow the WILL-O’-THE-WISP. There are two exits:

East    – Junction #121
South – Clearing #28

16 (350) A huge tree is in the middle of this clearing, and there is an EAGLE perched at the top of it. If you have parrot feathers, it will automatically attack you (7,6). A silver bird amulet allows you to leave it in peace. If you have neither, back off cautiously to avoid a fight, or attack it. Should you win, you can climb up to see its nest (but must test your luck to do so). A heavy gold chain is in the nest.

South – Clearing #35
East    – Clearing #30
West   – Clearing #32

17 (144) You encounter the MASTER OF SPIDERS here. You’ll either fight him or die. Either go right at him (9,6), or cast curse (he transforms to a Giant Spider with 8,9) or Fire, which allows you to flee with a cost of three Stamina points. Only the first two options allows you to get the medallion.

Don’t return to this clearing. Fires will burn you for 1 Stamina point, and you will be forced to return from the direction you came.

North – Clearing #24
South – Clearing #12

18 (157) Here, you find SWORD TREES that regenerate each time you enter the clearing. If you fight them outright, there numbers (as a group) are 9/12. Spellwise, Fire removes 2 Stamina points, Growth doubles (!) their Stamina. Wither is fatal. Winning the battle through any method nets seeds for the trees.

North – Clearing #29
South – Clearing #34
West   – Clearing #6

19 (170) You encounter a RANGER, who wonders who you serve. If you serve Selator, he will help you by restoring a skill point, and asking about your quest. If Poomchukker, he will also ask about your quest. Should you serve Grimsdale. If lucky, he will direct you to the MASTER of GARDENS, if unlucky you must fight him (10,10). He carries a helmet that adds

one to your skill.

South – Junction #121
East    – Clearing #27

20 (183) Nothing much to do here.

North (Swimming) – Hello, Mr. Crocodile! Goodbye, Adventurer.
East (Swimming) – Hello, Mr. Crocodile! Goodbye, Adventurer.
West – Clearing #33
South – Clearing #9

21 (31) You reach a dead end, albeit one with a pool. Drinking from the pool restores 3 Stamina points. You exit the clearing after that. You can return, but an arrow being fired past your head prevents you from redrinking the healing water.

– Only one exit, and that takes you back to Clearing #3


23 (204) You walk into a garden of beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, they are fear flowers. Lose 1 skill point. If you run past them, lose another skill point. You can’t fight them, and lose 2 Stamina and 1 skill for trying. Magic is your only option, and fire doesn’t help. If you have wither, it is successful. Definitely a clearing to avoid.

North – Clearing #14
East     – Clearing #29

24 (388) You walk right into CRAB GRASS. It has a high Stamina (16), but its skill is only 6. Magic-wise, Wither kills the grass, and fire allows an escape.

East    – Clearing #26
South – Clearing #17
West   – Clearing #5

25 (209) You encounter the POOL BEAST, the charmer pictured on the cover of the book. You can escape immediately. Fight it immediately, and it has attributes of (8,10). Kill it and get the jewel in its forehead. That is the only thing of note down this dead end path. Should you wish to fight it with magic, don’t bother. The three spell options don’t work.

– Only 1 exit, takes you back to Clearing #12

26 (290) SWAMP ORCS welcome you with a hail of arrows. If you have the magnet charm, you lose 1 Stamina point if lucky, 5 if unlucky. Should you not have the charm, you lose 1 skill point. You can then choose to run away (without any penalty) or fight the three of them with your sword (6,7.7,7 & 6,5). The fight is with all three at the same time. Spellwise, Fear causes the first ORC to flee before the battle. Illusion doesn’t help at all. Should you win the fight, you get a few gold pieces, and a map that shows the location of the MASTER of FROGS.

North – Clearing #3
South – Clearing #8
West   – Clearing #24

27 (305) The MASTER OF GARDENS welcomes you to his domain. He wonders which wizard you serve. If Selator, he gives you 1 Good Spell, and reacts depending on your success in finding the berry. If Grimsdale, you can attack him, but lose 3 Skill points before the fight, and 3 Luck points afterwards for killing a good master. That is the only way you can get the amulet. I’d look for more suitable candidates if you are serving Grimsdale. If Poomchukker, nothing happens and you exit the clearing.

– Only one exit, back to Clearing #19

28 (336) You encounter a filthy pool, and a slime. You can flee, but only through the path that you entered. Jumping over the slime needs a dice roll against skill. You get 2 luck points and a choice of paths if you are successful. If unsuccessful, you lose 2 skill points. You then have to flee or fight. (5,17). You gain nothing in terms of items by fighting and defeating the slime. Magic-wise, Fire & Wither are useless, but Ice freezes the slime and allows you to leave the clearing.

North – Clearing #15
West – Clearing #10

29 (320) A UNICORN is here. If you fight it, its stats are 11/4, and you get a horn for beating it. You can run, but you must exit through the path you entered. Spellwise, Friendship allows you to escape, as does Fear. Fire doesn’t work. Bless is your best option spellwise. The UNICORN is injured, and it will thank you by giving you a Friendship and Luck spell gem.

North – Clearing #33
South – Clearing #18
East    – Clearing #5
West   – Clearing #23

30 (41) Oops. You stumble into some quicksand. Test your luck to see if you can escape without harm. If unlucky, you must shed your armour, at a loss of 2 skill points, and at the reduction of your initial skill by 2.

Ouch. Return to this clearing, and you can use Ice & Growth spells to allow you to cross, or you can jump. Test your luck. Unlucky results in the loss of 2 Stamina Points.

North – Clearing #7
West   – Clearing #16


32 (14) When you enter the clearing you spot a dwark being attacked by a GIANT SCORPION. You can exit the clearing, or help the dwarf. The SCORPION (9,10) will focus on you if you try to help. Should you win, you can leave, cast a bless spell on the dwarf (don’t bother) or search the dwarf. You only find a potion. Drink it, and discover that it is a Dwarf Beauty Potion. You develop dwarven attributes that last until your next fight (lose 1 skill point for the the next combat only)

North – Junction #121
East – Clearing #16

33 (295) If you walk east along the river, you reach Clearing #20. You can go south, back to #29. An Ice spell freezes the river, and should you cross the makeshift bridge, it will break apart. If you have another ice spell, you form an ice raft you can float on, until you reach a stone bridge. Be sure to grab on to it, since staying on the raft is deadly. You end up on the bridge in Clearing #35. Should you not have a second Ice spell, you must test your luck. If lucky, then you scramble onto the largest piece of ice from the bridge, and float towards the stone bride at #35. Otherwise, you drown.

East                              – Clearing #20
South                           – Clearing #29
2 ice spells, bridge – Clearing #35

34 (90) You need to cross a deep stream. The Ice spell creates a solid bridge. Wither collapses a tree that will allow you to cross. Wading across sees you get jumped by leeches.

You roll two dice, and lose the Stamina on the lower of the two.

North – Clearing #18
South – Clearing #4

35 (138) Just walk straight across the bridge.

North – Clearing #16
South – Clearing #13

Other locations in the Swamp:

Junction #121

North – Clearing #19
East     – Clearing #7
West    – Clearing #15
South  – Clearing #32

Willowbend (280)

Stay at the Bent Spear, (+2 increase in Stamina), and visit the Wizard as you leave. He allows you to trade some items for gems. You can trade a gold chain, silver master amulets, the violet jewel, a gold magnet or a unicorn for up to 3 neutral spells.

Post-swamp (I assume success)







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