Solução – Caverns of the Snow Witch

Caverns of the Snow Witch Solution
By Jeff Poteralski

212 Snow Wolves…not too bad
169 Head for the hut
36 Warm up that stew, and don’t forget those weapons
190 Yikes! It’s the Yeti! Use that spear
25 Avalanche
363 You’re in the mountain…now what?
215 Take a swig of the drink
395 Fight the elf and take his cloak, but don’t kill him
106 Go into the kitchen and kill the Neanderthal…search the cabinets and take the flute, runestick, and rose…and yes, even open the book cause there’s a nice little amulet inside
198 Sneak past the worshippers
311 Help the dwarf, and get three iron balls and a sling
125 The Illusionist…he’s really on the right; strike him and smash his prism
288 Take the center path and kill the Frost Giant with your sling…then take his gold and copper rings (not the silver one, though)
59 Crystal Warrior…use your power of invisibility so you don’t have to fight this oaf
83 Kill the Zombie, and take the minotaur horn, the garlic, and the dragon eggs
297 Use your minotaur horn, garlic, and runestick against the Snow Witch…Then kill the Sentinel…also, don’t take too many gold pieces (you only need about 50)
61 That’s a nice orb
259 There’s an asp in the basket, but also a great pair of boots (try to roll a 5 or 6 twice in a row)
20 Kill the Caveman and take his star disc
365 Brain Slayer…use your Amulet of Courage
213 A great collection of pots (get the square disc)
176 Leave that dagger alone
298 Oh boy, a shield
135 and you’re going to need it here
339 The Snow Witch’s spirit…play her game, and conceal that square disc you found in the pot (that’ll show her)
104 Get outta there
289 Very good liquid (you’ll be toast later if you don’t drink this)
278 It’s an old geezer
348 Bird Men- I hope your healthy
18 Bad water
96 It’s good ol’ Morri, dead as a doornail
13 Death to Hill Trolls
211 Stonebridge…drop off Stubb cause Redswift has something to tell you…
38 You’ve been cursed with the Death Spell, and Redswift just passed on…Better find that Healer
46 Grubs! Pull up that vine
119 Investigate the hut
168 It’s just a herbalist…threaten him, then take his STAMINA pills
115 Why, it’s Ash the Elf
85 Look out for that Deathhawk (well, not really)
398 Waste the Man-Orc for a candle and tinderbox
92 A Barbarian…make sure you get the silver arrowheads and the armband
319 I think this is the address…
75 It is!
54 Use your candle and tinderbox to cross the pit
91 Use your dragon egg for a relaxing drink (bleh!)
154 Ignore the Banshee
19 Use your silver arrowheads
217 The bird is a “Phoenix”
400 You’re all clean! Great job!

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