Solução – The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

This is not the shortest or easiest path through the book. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution tries to incorporate as many of the interesting or exciting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. The reasoning behind this is quite simple, just think of the book as an action movie: it’s much more gratifying to face horribly difficult situations and barely make it through, than to walk through the whole adventure without a scratch. For this reason, your character may need to have high stats or lucky rolls to succeed; the path given assumes dice rolls are always successful.

1    Turn west
71   The creature does not wake up		
301  Press on northwards
208  Try opening the door
397  Open the box
240  Kill the SNAKE 5/2
145  You take the key and leave the room  	
	Bronze key #99, Lu+1
363  Go into the room to investigate
370  Draw your sword and leap forward
116  Attack each ORC 5/4 5/5
378  Open the box
296  You memorize the spell and leave		
	Dragonfire spell
42   Turn to the east
113  Go northwards
285  Open the door
213  The door bursts open
36   Try to calm the old man down
263  You go your separate ways			
314  Open the door to investigate
223  Try to force it open
53   The door opens
155  You leave the room				
300  Continue up the corridor
303  Pull the right lever
128  Turn east
58   Stop and eat provisions
15   You are ready to continue			
	Sk+1 St+6
367  Go east
323  Go eastwards
255  Try opening the door
193  Try to take the jewel
338  Fight the IRON CYCLOPS 10/10
75   You set off back to the junction 		
	Small key #111, jewel, Lu+3
93   You turn northwards
8    Defeat the BARBARIAN 7/6
273  You leave through the door			
	Mallet, 5 wooden stakes
189  Stop to look at the paintings
25   Look through your pack for a weapon  	
340  Hold the jewel up
31   You leave through the north door 		
90   You continue northwards
253  Leave through the north door
73   You find yourself in a large cavern
218  Punt the raft across the river
386  Keep punting to the north side
55   You arrive safely
7    You are on the north bank
214  Take the passage to the north-west
271  Go through the door
336  Bang on the door to wake the old man
172  Tell him his boots are undone
165  Leave through the south door
66   Go for the door in the rockface
104  You try the door
49   A blow to your head knocks you senseless	
122  Jump to your feet
282  Defeat all four ZOMBIES 7/6 6/6 6/6 6/5	
115  Go over to the dead body
313  Take					
	Sword, 8 GP, Sk+1, Lu+1
221  The sword
27   Throw your old sword away			
	iSk+2, Lu+2
319  Investigate
221  The gold
110  You find another 2 Gold Pieces		
	2 GP
319  You have investigated both items
81   You walk north
205  Investigate the room further
254  Reach into your bag
279  Try to kill the Vampire
17   The stake pierces the Vampire's heart	
327  You leave through the west door  		
	30 GP, Lk+3
380  You go on to the crossroads
37   Go west
11   Relax then go northwards			
	Sk+1 St+2
366  Go through the opening
89   You descend the stairs
286  Search the second body
275  The creature misses 			
230  Defeat the GHOUL 8/7
390  Search the second body			
	Earrings, 5 GP, Lk+2
393  Read the parchment				
	Bottle, parchment, 8 GP
212  Test the liquid
369  You swallow some of the liquid
109  You leave the room northwards		
	Sk+ St+ Lk+4
120  You leave the chamber
197  Press on forward
48   Go east
391  Go up to the passage
52   Go east
291  Try the door
227  Try to befriend the four tiny men
131  Eventually you leave the room
291  Go west
52   Go north
354  Go west
308  Go north
54   Go through the door
179  Kill the MINOTAUR 9/9
258  You take the key and leave the room  	
	Red key #111, 8 GP, Lu+2
54   Go south
308  Go south
160  You find yourself at a crossroads
267  Go south
246  Go north
329  Go eastwards
299  Proceed northwards
359  Go west
385  Go north to the dead end
398  Push the knob
364  Climb through the doorway
373  You go northwards
85   Go north
106  Search for another means of attack
126  You remember Farrio Di Maggio
26   The Dragon turns its back
371  You continue to the west			
274  Greet the old man courteously
356  He has been expecting you
358  Look through your pack
105  Use the Eye of the Cyclops
382  His robes are all that remain
396  You open the door
242  Search through your bag
139  Use the three keys
321  99+111+111
169  The lid of the chest comes free
400  Your quest is over

Uma resposta

  1. Traduzindo este detonado:

    Este caminho não é fácil nen curto, ele foi escolhido para abranger as principais partes interessantes do livro, o nível de dificuldade é alto e exige que seu personagem tenha stats altos (sugiro H9 S9 E20) para começar. Além de sorte nos dados, deverá recolher as chaves pelo caminho.

    1-Vá para oeste (71)
    71-Use sua sorte para a criatura não acordar (301)
    301-ignore a porta e vá norte (208)
    208-Abra a porta (397)
    397-Abra a caixa (240)
    240-Mate a serpente((145)
    145-Recolhe a chave de bronze e segue (393)
    363-Investigue a sala (370)

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